I'm Back

It has recently occurred to me that I've done just the thing I promised myself I wouldn't do once I started my blog...I quit writing. My life went from normal busy to out of control busy and I felt like I couldn't do anything but the necessities; teach/work and be a mom.

What happened to make my life so crazy? It's a bit of a long story, but here's the condensed version. We took a family vacation to Walt Disney World in mid-April during my Spring Break from school. We had a blast and ran around all week meeting Mickey Mouse, riding rides, and seeing shows. We really were in the most "magical place on Earth" until my two-year old daughter started spiking a fever of 104. A very long two-day drive home from Orlando, one ER visit, two outpatient blood work ups, two chest x-rays, two office visits with our pediatrician, daily phone conversations with our pediatrician, and eight days of spiking high fevers took us to the nearest children's hospital for what would become a four night stay. After twenty four hours of monitoring, two more rounds of blood tests, a neck ultrasound, and an ECHO, our daughter was diagnosed and treated for incomplete Kawasaki Disease. Once, they decided on treatment, she recovered beautifully and despite a few viral illnesses due to an overactive recovering immune system, she has pretty much returned to her cute, silly self and there appears to be no long term damage. Six more weeks of baby Aspirin and another ECHO and she will be completely cleared, which we are so thankful for.

After missing lots of work and falling way behind on household things, I thought I'd take some time off from blogging to get my life back together. However, after two weeks of being back to semi-normal, things are no more together than they were when we returned from the hospital. Also, we celebrated Mother's Day, had several follow up doctor appointments, got ready for two grandmother birthday celebrations, and my son graduated from Pre-K (I still can't believe that happened).

Today, while I was walking back down the hill from volunteering for my son's school at a local Spring Festival,  I realized how much I missed getting my thoughts onto my computer screen. I miss thinking about what activities I can do with my kiddies and how I can work them into a post. I miss perusing the library and Internet for new children's books and most of all I miss the Facebook likes, comments and just knowing that someone out there is reading and taking an interest in what I have to say. So, here I am, I'm back. Make sure you check in Monday for a new review, Wednesday for a fun educational snack, and Friday for a weekend craft.  And thank you, thank you for reading; it really does mean so much to me!