The Night Before the Tooth Fairy

Well, it finally happened last night, my five-year-old son lost his first tooth. The great milestone into kid-dom. My baby boy has turned into a full-fledged boy kid. His bottom left front tooth has been wiggly for months and ready to be pulled for almost a month. Thank goodness it was wedged in between some secure teeth and my son kept chewing on the side to avoid the discomfort of chewing on the wiggly tooth or it would have been out much sooner. But I had plenty of time to prepare for this momentous occasion by purchasing a brand new tooth pillow (I know, I should have made one) and Natasha Wing's The Night Before the Tooth Fairy

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy
By Natasha Wing

"Today's the day, I get my tooth pulled," my son announced yesterday afternoon. So, my husband popped the tooth right out. At first my son was a little shell shocked by the tooth coming right out and the gaping hole in his mouth. But after we put the tooth in his tooth pillow and talked about the tooth fairy coming he became more excited--although I did have to explain that the tooth fairy typically brought money, not toys, in exchange for a tooth. (As if Santa didn't bring him enough toys recently).

Before bedtime, I read his special new story, The Night Before the Tooth Fairy, which tells about a little boy losing his first tooth. The boy in the story loses his wiggly tooth and places it under his pillow. The boy in the story actually sees the tooth fairy come and take the tooth, which was no problem for my heavy sleeping boy. When the boy wakes in the morning he discovers that the tooth fairy has left him a brand new dollar.

This morning the first thing my son did was check his tooth pillow. The tooth fairy left him a $5 bill! (There seems to be many varying opinions on the going rate for a 1st tooth). I'm sure he won't be getting that much for subsequent teeth. What did my son say about the money? "Mom, be sure you take this to the bank for my account right away so I can save it up!" Perfect!