Happy New Year! Okay, so we’re almost one month into the new year, but you know that old adage, “better late than never.” Well, that should be my life motto. I mean, it’s true, I usually always get around to things, that is, unless they’ve been on my “to do” list so long, it’s better to just start a new list.

I have good intentions, I really do, but I seem to lack in the actual follow through. For example, the thank you notes I always want to write, and then I blink and two months have passed since the actual gift was given. What do you do? Do you acknowledge that it’s been way to long to thank appropriately and potentially look ungrateful or take the adage “better late than never” and look like you are too busy to make it a priority. It sounds like the story of my life.

Now, I’m not trying to be melodramatic or “whoa is me”. I know that I need to make some changes and prioritize things differently. I recently came across an Oola quote, “Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.” And let me tell you, I’ve been in the exact same place for the last two years. I’m not kidding. In January 2017, two years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled, “Happy New Year” and upon rereading recently, I continue to have the exact same “New Year's Resolution”. I’m pretty sure I mentioned in this blog post that I had the same resolution the year before, so that’s 3 years in the exact-same-place. I didn’t even write it down this year. I know what I want, I just need to actually start moving in that direction.

So, if I know what I want, why am I not going for it? Simple, fear. But in the words of Zach Williams, “Fear is a Liar.” This is the year I’m finished with that. I’m going to write. I’m going to set goals. I’m also going to forgive myself if my goals get off track and not be afraid to try again.

Back to Oola. What the heck is Oola? Is that what you’re thinking? Or are you thinking, yep, she’s officially lost it? Oola is “the state of awesomeness.” When you are in Oola, your life is balanced in seven key areas of life (fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun). It’s all about balance. Don’t we all strive for balance? Especially in this crazy, busy world we live in now? I mean think about it, we are asked to perform so many duties and jobs, I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a mentor, a maid, a chef, a chauffer a community member and a friend, all the while trying to balance work, home-life, staying fit, remembering appointments, etc. It sounds like a lot and I know there are many other people out there with even more going on than that.

So for 2019, I strive for Oola. I started by taking the free life balance test on Here are my results.


One way I am hoping to add more balance in my life is through blogging. This is the year I make writing a priority. I am committing to writing at least one blog post each week, hopefully more, but I’m setting small goals for now. So, that means that by next Tuesday morning, you will be reading another post. Also, after 9 months of thinking, jotting down ideas and lots of composing in my head, I think I’ve finally decided on a direction for my blog. AmyWhichWay will become a writing space for ideas/suggestions on finding balance in your own life. Mostly I’ll tell you what’s working (or not working) for me. I know there are plenty of other people like me, hoping to find balance in their life for 2019. So let’s do this together!